Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Super-Tired Owl!

Last week there was one super-tired owl waiting for me. He must've been exhausted along the way, because the package looked as though it had been dropped a few times.
Even so, "it's what's inside that counts" and the goodies inside were still safe, sound and wonderful!

I was waiting on this post until I had pictures, but I might be using the wrong photo uploading spell because it's just not working for me. I'll come back and add them later.

Opening this package was really fun... it seemed like every time I looked inside, there was something else!
An owl of my very own (won't have to share with my sister anymore!), a cat, and a snake...not an approved Hogwarts pet, but that adds to the fun! Also, some knitting needles in house colors!

A Hogwarts trunk full of goodies!

Loads of goodies- candy, a rubber witchy ducky, Slytherin stitch markers, lots of cute halloween towels/pot holders, some halloween socks, "The Little Box of Socks"--full of sock patterns, and a "Toobie". I could not for the life of me figure out what this was! Good thing Grandma Grubblyplank included the business card so I could go check it out! Maybe I'm the last to know, but it's sock yarn that's already knitted up, so instead of knitting it from a ball, you just unknit it from this Toobie as you knit it into a sock. At least that's my understanding...please correct me if I'm wrong!

And I better start knitting a little faster... a lot of misc. yarn was added to my stash by my spoiler, Grandma Grubblyplank.

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